Lethal Reconciliation (Dr. Zora Smyth Series Book 4)

A hidden threat discovered. A choice to crush it and save lives. But it may destroy Dr. Zora Smyth before she gets a chance.

When chief surgical resident Zora Smyth is pressured to oversee the hospital’s medication reconciliation work no one else wanted, she figured it was a welcome change from facing false murder charges from serial killers and fighting off attacks on her life. And it gave her the precious time she needed in following-up new leads in finding her long-lost sister.

But Zora soon stumbles upon evidence of a hidden threat buried in the hospital’s underbelly that puts the lives of her loved ones and those around her in jeopardy.

Will she succeed in exposing the truth and destroying the threat or will she lose the lives of those dear to her at the hands of an enemy willing to do whatever it takes to stop her?

If you like page-turning non-gory medical thrillers filled with unexpected rollercoaster twists and intrigue, you will love LETHAL RECONCILIATION.