Lethal Adhesion (Dr. Zora Smyth Series Book 5)

A routine surgery turned deadly. Now Dr. Zora Smyth must fight against being the next victim.

When a common surgical procedure ends with a patient dying on her operating table, Dr. Zora Smyth is determined to find out why.

But she soon realizes things are not what it seems with an enemy lurking behind the scenes bent on taking her down and ruining her life.

When the case quickly spirals into a massive malpractice lawsuit that could potentially end her career and strange attacks begin on those dear to her, Zora races to uncover the truth, cut off the enemy, and save her loved ones.

But will she succeed in time to stop the enemy desperate to destroy them at all costs?

If you like page-turning non-gory medical thrillers filled with unexpected rollercoaster twists and intrigue, you will love LETHAL ADHESION.