Lethal Dissection: Character Interview with Dr. Zora Smyth

Dobi: So I had a chance to sit with one of my characters from Lethal Dissection. Please welcome Dr. Zora Smyth!

Zora: Thank you so much for having me.

Dobi: Thank you for coming. (*looks around*) I had hoped that you would come with Marcus.

Zora: (*laughs*) He’s busy.

Dobi: I’m sure he is.

Zora: (*laughs*)

Dobi: So clearly, I’m fascinated by Lethal Dissection and what happened to you there. How was it for you?

Zora: Surreal. Honestly, I wouldn’t wish it on my best friend. I was just a regular student going to school one day and next thing you know, I became a murder suspect. Just like that. Frankly, I was traumatized when I found out I had just cut into a body that was just alive a couple hours ago. Maybe I had even passed her on the street a day before. It was unbelievable.

Dobi: Were you ever scared?

Zora: I was petrified. I’m not even sure how I got through each day. Looking back,  it was like a blur. Multiple times I wished it was just a nightmare and not reality. But you can’t run from bad things. Bad things also happen to good people so you just have to face them headlong. I’m not a big believer in fate and luck even though I believe in a God that is bigger than all of us. I firmly believe in fighting for my life and what I want it to look like. I was just glad when it was over.

Dobi: So how did you feel about what the man did to you?

Zora: (*fiddles with gold pendant*) First, I felt shock, then anger, and then hurt. The hardest thing for me was to forgive him. How do you forgive someone who does that kind of stuff to you and move on? Now, that doesn’t mean I accept anything he did to me, but I didn’t want to give him further permission to hurt me. That’s what happens when bitterness sets in from the unforgiveness. He still deserved to pay for his crimes.

Dobi: So let’s talk about what everyone wants to know. What’s your relationship now with Marcus?

Zora: Shhh. It’s a secret. You have to read LETHAL INCISION to find out. But I must say, isn’t he one handsome dude? *she blushes*

Dobi: *laughs*

Zora: But in all seriousness, everyone needs good friends. Friends that would be there through thick and thin. Even if it is only one person.

Dobi: So I have to ask. What eventually happened in Lethal Emergency, in Mexico?

Zora: You know, Christina swore me to secrecy on that one. She doesn’t want my mother to ever find out what happened. I also do not want a certain person to write about it. (*smiles as she stares pointedly at Dobi*)

Dobi: (*laughs*) Okay, okay, I won’t ask. About your mother, how is your relationship now with her?

Zora: We are still working on it. Two steps forward, one step backwards. It takes two to tango, you know. I believe there’s progress even though I don’t know how long it will last. But I’m hoping for the best.

Dobi: Zora, it was a pleasure having you with us.

Zora: Thank you. (*turns to the audience*) And if you haven’t done so, go read LETHAL DISSECTION!


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